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Eco Green Dog, star of the acclaimed children’s book, Eco Green Dog, The Adventure Begins,  author Caroline Combs, and her sister and editor Hannah, will get YOU excited about animals, the environment and caring for one another. Learn how you can get involved on the Eco Blog, Instagram and our YouTube Channel!

A new book has been added to the series, “Eco Green Dog Day at the Aquarium”

and there are still more to come!


Caroline Combs - Eco Green Dog

Meet the Author

Caroline Combs was ten years old when she began writing Eco Green Dog. Now, through the adventures of Eco Green Dog, she is able to share the three things she is most passionate about: animals, the environment and caring for one another.

Eco Green Dog, The Adventure Begins , is the first book in the new children’s series written by a kid for kids to be a reminder and a motivator for children everywhere to get excited about caring for animals and the environment.

Together we can make a difference!

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