The Author

Caroline Combs was ten years old when she began writing Eco Green Dog. Now, through the adventures of Eco Green Dog, she is able to share the three things she is most passionate about: animals, the environment and caring for one another.

Caroline discovered the importance of taking care of the environment when she was visiting her grandparent’s community pond which had become polluted, killing all of the fish. She learned first hand about the effects of pollution, which inspired her to write her story. Caroline believes that no matter how young or old, everyone can play a part in saving the environment and she believes that dreams coupled with hard work can come true.

Caroline Combs - Eco Green Dog

About Caroline Combs

Caroline loves all animals and wants each of them to have a caring home. She has dogs, horses, cats, birds and even chickens.  Caroline knows that all animals are special and a gift from God.

Eco Green Dog is dedicated to all animals that need a home. I am donating a portion of the book’s proceeds to animal rescue centers. I support recycling and encourage everyone to do their part.

I would like to give a special thanks to my little sister, Hannah, who has a special place in my heart. Hannah loves all animals and has a wonderful way of communicating with them.

Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Hannah, my grandparents and friends for all their support.

The Illustrator

Allison Chenard, of Mooresville, North Carolina, loves bringing stories to life through pictures!  When she’s not drawing and painting, she enjoys sailing with her high school sailing team and playing alto saxophone in the marching band.

She also enjoys bringing smiles to children’s faces through her face painting business, playing piano, clarinet, and violin, and spending time with friends.

Allison lives with her mom and dad and younger brothers, Matthew, and Evan, and her dog, Callie, and cat, Chessie.